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Flight Paths

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Key sights:

Night views:  Eastern US, Aurora over Scandinavia, Middle East, Moonset

Source Images (Credit NASA):

042-130-893 - Jan 11, 2015 (Nikon D4, 24mm)

043-086-372 - Apr 3, 2015 (Nikon D4, 24mm)

063-039-546 - July 5, 2020 (Nikon D5, 28mm)

042-303-091 - Mar 5, 2015 (Nikon D4, 110mm)


Dan Barstow

Bach as a Young Man (likely)

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Great Fantasia and Fugue in G Minor

J.S. Bach wrote Great Fantasia and Fugue in G Minor (BWV 542) in Hamburg in the late 1720's  Bach was 35 years old.

Bach's Fantasy and Fugue in G minor ("the great") is regarded as one of his finest prelude and fugue pairs that he ever wrote for organ. The Fantasy, full of passion, tension, and release, gives the organ a chance to both scream and purr. The longer-than-average fugue subject is quite jolly and dictates a lot of the harmonic progression which makes this piece of art even more impressive to the discerning musician and the average consumer of music alike.

Mr. Nelson recorded Fantasy and Fugue in G minor on the Marshall & Ogletree Opus 1, "The Epiphany". At the time of this recording in February of 2019, the organ had been removed from its 16-year home at Trinity Church, Wall Street, and was temporarily installed in the M&O showroom. Since then, the gallery organ of Opus 1 has been relocated to Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church in Manhattan, and the chancel organ (on which this recording was made) has been refurbished and scheduled to be installed at a church in Brookline, MA.

Learn More:

Bach Great Fantasia and Fugue

Organist - Sam Nelson

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A native of Lynn, Massachusetts, Sam Nelson held his first organist position at the age of 12. He earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Organ Performance from Gordon College in 2011, under the tutelage of Dr. Roy Brunner and Douglas Marshall, and a Master of Music at Boston University, studying with Peter Sykes. Sam was the organist at Washington Street Baptist Church in Lynn, from 2002 to 2013; Music Director at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Lynnfield, MA, from 2013 to 2019; and was named Assistant Organist/Choirmaster at Redeemer in 2019.

He served as Tour Manager and Organ Technician for Cameron Carpenter and The International Touring Organ during the 2015 and 2016 US Winter Tours, as well as during the 2016 premiere of Carpenter’s arrangement of Variations on a Theme of Paganini by Rachmaninoff, with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra in China.


Marshall & Ogletree Opus 1 - Chancel

Marshall & Ogletree Showroom

Needham, MA


Feb 2019


Watch Sam Nelson play this music

Astronauts of ISS 42

.PHOTO DATE: 07-09-14.LOCATION: Bldg. 8, Room 183 - Photo Studio.SUBJECT: Expedition 42 crew portrait. Soyuz 40(Alexander Samokutyaev, Yelena Serova, Barry Wilmore) & Soyuz 41(Anton Shkaplerov, Samantha Cristoforetti, Terry Virts)..PHOTOGRAPHER: BILL STAFFORD

The International Space Station (ISS) is an amazing platform to view and photograph Earth.  For the movies, astronauts fix-mount a camera in the window, and then take a series of time-lapse pictures.  The Bach in Space team selects image sequences to match the music, and custom-builds the videos.

ISS Expedition 42

Nov 10, 2014 - Mar 11, 2015

Yelena Serova (Russia)

Barry E. Wilmore  (US)

Aleksandr Samokutyayev (Russia)

Anton Shkaplerov (Russia)

Terry W. Virts (US)

Samantha Cristoforetti (Italy)

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Expedition 42

International Space Station

Earth Photography

Astronauts of ISS 43

PHOTO DATE: 07-10-14<br />
LOCATION: Bldg. 8, Room 183 - Photo Studio<br />
SUBJECT: Official Expedition 43 crew portrait. Soyuz 41(Anton Shkaplerov, Samantha Cristoforetti, Terry Virts) and Soyuz 42 (Gennady Padalka, Mikhail Kornienko, Scott Kelly).<br />

ISS Expedition 43

Mar 11 - June 11, 2015

Gennady Padalka (Russia)

Scott Kelly (US)

Anton Shkaplerov (Russia)

Samantha Cristoforetti (Italy)

Michael Kornienko (Russia)

Terry W. Virts (US)

Learn more:

Expedition 43

Astronauts of ISS 63

GCTC Exp-63 Crew Portrait - Cassidy, Ivanishin, Vagner

ISS Expedition 63

Apr 17 - Oct 21, 2020

Chris Cassidy (US)

Anatoly Ivanishin (Russia)

Ivan Vagner (Russia)

Learn more:

Expedition 63

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