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Glorious Earth - our Home

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We are so fortunate.  Our home planet has all we need for a vibrant world - full of life and joy.

And yet. . .Earth needs our care.  So many threats to Earth's future - climate change, depletion of resources, deforestation, pollution.  This can't go on.

We need to see Earth with new eyes. Not as a ceaseless trove for humanity to exploit, but as a gracious host.

The astronauts call it the Overview Effect - the transformative power of seeing Earth as one world, one home.  Our oasis in space.

The astronauts and musicians who created these videos hope you see Earth with new eyes, hear music with new ears, and open your hearts to cherish our home planet.

We must take action - for the sake of humanity and all life on Earth.

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What can you do to help Earth?

Learn about Earth

Support climate action

Donate to groups helping Earth

Reduce use of fossil fuels

Engage with your local community

Resolve environmental injustice

Limit waste

. . .and so much more. . .

Most importantly:  Love and enjoy Earth.  Treat it well.

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