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Johann Sebastian Bach - 1685-1750

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"Bach savored the challenge of shaping the individual voices, their interaction, the progress of the piece, and finally the character of the whole."

(p.s. - just like the interplay of Earth's systems)

Johann Sebastian Bach: The Learned Musician, by Christoff Wolf

Why Bach?

We could have chosen almost any type of music - from classical, to jazz, hip-hop, ritual chants, native flutes.  All can resonate with the rich visuals of Earth.

Yet Bach is a timeless master.  Glorious, joyous, full of rich harmonies and diversity - just like home planet Earth.

Slow adagios as we serenely float over the sands of the Sahara.  Vibrant chorales to celebrate a vast array of city lights.  Interwoven polyphony to help us see the subtle and intricate patterns of clouds.

A ceaseless treasure trove.

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Our first videos use the organ - that most majestic of instruments.  It was the most complex machine of its era, with pipes and voices that filled vast cathedrals, lifting the hearts and souls of the faithful.

Bach was the ultimate master of organ music, composing rich and complex music, and performing with his outstanding keyboard skills.   The organ was the perfect instrument for his style of music, with multiple voices, complex interplay and lovely harmonies.

In the future, we will explore other musical instruments and voice - all with music of Johann Sebastian Bach.

While that may seem limiting, remember the quote "Creativity's unexpected ally is constraint, not freedom".  Bach is a wonderful constraint - with immense beauty to explore.

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